Fats, oils and grease block your city pipes

It costs huge amounts of money every year to unclog them
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How can we get the public to stop flushing their fats, oils, and grease into the sewers?

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What is the Your Turn program? How does it work?

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What is the
Your Turn program?

Stop throwing your money down the drain. Enroll in the YOUR TURN PROGRAM powered by FluksAqua.

If you’re a city facing a FOG problem, we have an easy solution to help you reduce the thousands of dollars you spend unclogging your pipes.

The city of London, Ontario, initiated the project and has been saving $100,000 a year over the last 3 years without having to unclog their pipes.

Help us raise awareness by supplying your community with FOG cups. Using these handy biodegradable cups, residents are encouraged and empowered to dispose of their fats, oils and grease (FOG) and prevent them from ending up down their sink and toilet drains. Together, let’s eliminate pipe FOG. Get with the Your Turn program!

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What is your turn

Why Your Turn?

At FluksAqua, water matters. By supporting the YOUR TURN PROGRAM, we’re stepping up to the plate. And we’re inviting other cities across North America to do the same by spreading the word to stop dumping fat, oil, and grease.

FOG clogs are a recurring headache for the water utilities industry, which throws thousands of dollars at the problem every year.

Instead, let’s be proactive together and raise awareness about cost saving and the environment.

With Your Turn, we want to equip all cities with cups so they can supply them to their community. Let’s start collecting FAT, OIL AND GREASE.


How does it work?

step 1
Enroll + Order

Be a Part of the Your Turn Program

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step 2
Shipment + pick up

How to Get Biodegrade Cups

We ship cups to your collection point and send you an email when they’re ready for pickup.

To find out where your city’s collection point is, contact your municipality.

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How does it work?

Your community can use the cups in various ways

Encouraging your community to join the YOURTURN wagon is important. Help your community! Let them know how and where they can collect the FOG cups and how they can use them.

1. How your community can use the biodegradable Cups?

First, pour cooled kitchen fats, oils, and grease (FOG) into your cup. Then, place it in the fridge or freezer until it is full or ready for disposal.

2. Where your community can drop-off the cups?

Put full cups in the trash or take them to your city’s collection point. If you need more biodegradable cups, check your collection point. It’s an experience worth repeating for the good of our environment.

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Benefit from FOG - free pipes

FOG can be recycled into a green source of energy such as bio-fuel production and can contribute to greenhouse gas emission reduction.


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London, Canada: The city of London, Ontario, instigated the Your Turn project. They are reaping the benefits of the initiative in their community and are encouraging the deployment of Your Turn in other cities in Canada and beyond.

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